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Dr Koh Hong Yi is a Ministry of Health accredited Dermatologist, specializing in medical, surgical and aesthetic dermatology. He has more than 20 years of clinical experience and worked in various hospitals including the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and National Skin Centre. With special interests in inflammatory and immune-related skin disorders (psoriasis, acne, allergy, eczema) urticaria).

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Our specialists provide a comprehensive range of dermatological treatments, personalized to suit your unique requirements.

At TSN Dermatology, we only recommend what we feel is necessary and most appropriate for your condition. Surgical and non-surgical treatment options will be shared for you to consider. Our fees are transparent, and you only pay for what you need.


Aesthetic dermatology is focused on restoring beauty to the skin, recreating a youthful appearance, and ultimately helping our patients feel happier and more confident in their own skin. At TSN Dermatology, we believe in listening empathetically to your concerns, and providing sincere recommendations on how to help you achieve a healthier look. We employ both […]


Our Singapore-based dermatologists have a wide breadth of experience, having trained in renowned centres such as the Massachusetts General Hospital (United States), St John’s Institute of Dermatology (United Kingdom) and Australia. Our specialists keep up to date with the latest developments in medical dermatology and are opinion leaders and invited speakers in their respective subspecialties.


Frequently Asked Questions

The exact cause of eczema is not fully understood, but it is believed to result from a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Eczema often runs in families. Patients with eczema usually have chronically dry skin that is sensitive to certain allergens, irritants, stress and foods.

Eczema flare-ups may result from various factors, including certain foods, allergens (like pollen or pet dander), irritants (such as strong soaps or detergents), stress, exposure to extreme temperatures, and sweat. Identifying these triggers is vital for effective eczema treatment and management.

No, eczema is not contagious. It cannot be passed from person to person through physical contact or by sharing personal items.

Eczema is a chronic condition. While some patients have persistent disease, others may experience prolonged periods of remission. In most cases, eczema can be managed and well-controlled with proper treatment and lifestyle adjustments.